..:: Mission ::..

  • On-demand invention of complex system designs... "as simple as possible, but not simpler."
  • Provide strategic, tactical and operational counseling and consulting services in the areas of enterprise architecture, multi-layered integration and collaboration, the enabling frameworks and the technologies involved.
  • Research and develop evolutionary applications combining approaches of knowledge management, semantic web technology, agent-based computing, artificial life and collaborative commerce and the interdisciplinary application of such in a business environment.

..:: Specialties ::..

    /. Advanced simplicity and down-to-earth pragmatism.

    /. Expert advice on EAI, SOA, ESB, BPM, B2B, EDA, CEP, MDM, EII, enablement tools and strategies.
    /. Complex designs for event-driven and scheduled distributed, near-real time, asynchronous systems.
    /. Standardize information exchange, message catalogs, reporting, procedures and documentation.

    /. Assist, consult and assess product and vendor selection
    /. Evaluations, sales proposals, presentations, strategic scenarios
    /. Project and client engagement management
    /. Guidance, training, mentoring, and setting up best practices

    /. Architecture design, reviews, health checks and quality assurance
    /. Assessments, large scale performance optimizations and fine tuning
    /. In-flight troubleshooting for architectural issues, code reviews, and methodologies.

    /. STC, SeeBeyond, SUN, e*Gate 4.5.*, e*Insight 4.5.*, ICAN 5.0.*, JCAPS 5.1.*/6.*, GlassFish ESB v2*
    /. Cordys, Fiorano ESB, Micro Focus, Oracle Fusion, OW2 Petals ESB, OW2 Spagic, Progress Software
    /. Red Hat FuseSource, SAP, Software AG webMethods, Talend, TIBCO, VMWare vFabric, WSO2 Carbon

..:: News ::..

  • For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Fluxology offers open-ended and packaged services, solution frameworks and mediation services to take integration technologies and alternatives to the next level, enveloping many complementary technologies, to pave a pathway into the future towards "the adjacent possible" in both business relations and technology.

..:: Technology Partners - past and pending  ::..

Oracle Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite Business Process Management and Innovation Made Simple 

Supervision and control of industrial processes, services and facilities  Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management

Meaning-based Computing Predictive Analytics and Decision Management Governance and interconnected management

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    CEO and Principal: Paul Peters        Let's have a talk

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